How to automatically log in to Windows 10

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How to automatically log in to Windows 10

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With these simple tips, you can manually configure Windows 10 automatically login when you turn your computer on. This is a simple way to quickly start the computer without having to wait for the complicated login steps . However, you should apply this when you are the only one use that PC or laptop.

Important note: Do not apply automatically login toWindows 10 on public computers (laptop, tablet …) with multiple users.Login with a password is simple and effective way to protect your data if unfortunately it is stolen or someone trying to use your laptop without permission.

OK, if you’ve read through the items noted above and still want to perform this tips, follow my instructions below to make Windows 10 automatically log in to your fixed account without requiring a password.

Note: This is my test application in Windows 10, 8,8.1, all are successful. You can easily do it in less than 5 minutes.

Step by step to automatically log in to Windows 10

1. Open the Run window: Click on the icon WIN, type run and press Enter to search for the first results. Tip: Press“WINDOWS KEY + R” to get faster results. Then type the command: “netplwiz”


2. Press the OK or ENTER button. The Advanced User Accounts program will be opened. On user tab (this is the default tab and you should not care), select the user you want to automatically log in and uncheck the: “Users Must enter a user name and password to use this computer“.


3. Click OK to confirm the setting: skip login for this user. Then, the screen will display the Automatically sign in to enter your login information (system windows willsave it to the cache to login later).


Note: If you use a Microsoft account, you need to type the email address that you use to log on to Windows 10.

Next, enter the password used to login to Windows 10 in the Password & Confirm Password. Finally, click OK to confirm. At this point the screen will automatically turn off.

Important note: After typing your username and password here, in case of you or someone using your computer, they won’t have to login again.

You need to restart Windows 10 and enjoy! Your Windows will skip the login stepand go straight to the Desktop (or Start screen if you choose). For some computers when booting up, you will see the login screen, but it is automatically loaded into Windows without typing a password.

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