Windows 7 Black screen

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Windows 7 Black screen

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hi everyone.

I have bumped into a little problem, well I hope it is a little problem to fix, as I have tried a fair few things.

Ok this is what I'm getting when I load my Windows 7, there's no background or login image, and also when I restart my computer it shows the same thing: black background with the Windows logo on the bottom while shutting down/restarting.

"i've attached the image"

[img]E:\ ... 02.jpg/img]

Now what I have done was, since I wanted to revert my icons back to stock I had these files in my backups for awhile and I replaced them with the current ones in system32.

imageres.dll imagesp1.dll shell32.dll zipfldr.dll

this is the last thing I did till this happened.

Now I have tried to run repair but my computer won't detect anything and says new hardware attached etc. and I can't run system restore since I don't have it on.

If this helps... I am also running dual boot win 7 and xp. At the moment I am on xp so I can access the win 7 system files.

please I really need help. thanks

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