What's your experience with Microsoft tech support?

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What's your experience with Microsoft tech support?

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I'm doing some research on the effectiveness of Microsoft's technical support, possibly for an article on SearchWindowsSecurity.com. Our site readers continually need help troubleshooting Windows security dilemmas. Some seem to find what they need on Microsoft's Web pages, and others don't get enough technical detail (i.e. steps for fixing a specific problem). Do you have an experience you'd like to share -- good or bad? What can Microsoft do better, if anything? What do you like the best or worst about its tech support? Where do you go for help if Microsoft can't help? Is Microsoft better at solving some Windows problems more than others? Also, what type of problems do you typically use Microsoft tech support to solve?

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Re: What's your experience with Microsoft tech support?

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Personal biased opinion here. I find Microsoft technet abismal at best. 90% of the problem solutions I need come from other sources, namely Oracle Metalink, HP, or others. If you can find the "right" solution on technet you still need someone to explain it to you. Recently I've been having a problem with an HP printer on Windows. They referenced two solution pages as possible fixes to the problem, we've been going back & forth for a week now on what should really be done & some of the actions recommended by HP are in direct conflict with what Microsfot published. Problem is that HP is making proogress on the problem in spite of Microsoft. We've at least gotten the printer installed. Now to get Works to use it.

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