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Windows Print Driver Settings

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When printing from Word 2003 to a printer on the network (that is configured using a TCP/IP port) the intial 'Print' window appears to take priority over the print driver. I open Word and click print. On the initial screen the Collate box is unchecked, but if I click Properties and configure Collate there it does not work. I thought that when I click properties I am configuring the print driver settings and these settings would override the word settings. I guess this is not the case? What is the difference between the intitial print screen and the configurationo screen that appears after I click properties? Which controls the printer?

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Re: Windows Print Driver Settings

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The printer properties you can think of a the default settings. The print settings within individual applications are personalized, for lack of better word, for that app. This enables, for example, Adobe to always print double-sided but leave Word printing on only one side. If you were to prefer all documents from any application to print on both sides (or any other feature), you could set the printer's settings to do so. I know this isn't a very technical explanation but thought it would describe the difference in a more basic fashion.

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