deskjet 1180c printer for windows 7 ?.

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deskjet 1180c printer for windows 7 ?.

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Hi, i am unable to install the driver for my deskjet 1180c printer driver on windows 7 OS, has HP got any support to install the drivers for deskjet 1180c printer for windows 7 ?. I have browsed through support & drivers at hp website but they have not yet released the driver for this printer to work on windows 7 even though the printer is not so old, I guess the printers which they have launched before windows 7 are all junk now, we either thow it in the bin or HP has to take the initiative to give support to these printers. can any body help me in installing the printer driver on my machine?

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Re: deskjet 1180c printer for windows 7 ?.

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As this is a discontinued printer, i would not hold my breath on HP making a Win7 driver for it. The two options that might work: 1) Try the Vista driver. This does not work in all cases ... but some do. 2) A while back I came to a client site that had a discontinued photosmart printer. I ran the add printer wizard and let it go to the internet to look for drivers. It came back saying no supported driver was found, would I like to try a (I believe the word was) compatible driver. It installed one of the HP generics. While the multi-function aspects did not work, the printer got an additional 6 months until there was a hardware failure. I will admit, I was very skeptical, but the driver loaded was satisfactory.

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