Oracle – What does it do?

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Oracle – What does it do?

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Needing a little help, I need to know what oracle is/does/how ir fits in to every/other things and why? if anyone could give me a brief description that would be great.

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Re: Oracle – What does it do?

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Oracle is a company which makes the Oracle product line. Chief in this product line is the Oracle Data Base Management System, or DBMS. They also have products written for their DBMS called Oracle Applications. A DMBS is a program which keeps data as records in tables. You can create tables, add records, delete them, and search for records. The thing that makes DBMSes special is that they use a query language, called SQL. SQL allows the programmer to extract data from one or more tables at the same time, making correlations. You can do this from the command line, or from within other programs. Other DBMSes (Oracle's competitors) include IBM's DB2, Microsoft's SQL Server, and the freebies PostgreSQL and MySQL. Example SQL: Find number of men and women with drivers' licenences, assuming that's what's in your data base: SELECT gender, COUNT(*) FROM driversLicence GROUP BY gender --- Sheldon Linker

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