Sony Vaio and Linux

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Re: Sony Vaio and Linux

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Advice taken; Thank You TobiSGD

I'd rather use the Windows Partition MGR first to shrink and than go and get the ISO of Fedora and burn it to cd/dvd. From there I'll proceed with installing Fedora.

I still have to burn the 5 disks (create the recovery media disks)that the Sony documentation advises me.

I need to purchase more dvd+rs otherwise i would have already proceeded. once i complete this step first than I'll proceed with your and zQUEz's advice and instruction.

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Re: Sony Vaio and Linux

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Went into the BIOS and found the BIOS Version an RO# and researched it some.
Of course Sony's name is all over the # but so is this Insyde Corporation that design's and manufacturers this new
type of UEFI BIOS. I still don't have any clarification on if this laptop is indeed UEFI or not so I e-mailed Insyde
and asked them for clarification.

Sony (couldn't tell me anything) didn't know if this laptop had UEFI or not. This made me think: "They built it but don't know what kind of BIOS they put in it" ! # * ! The rep I spoke to didn't even know what Linux was-

I think at this point it is wise for me to wait to install the distro of my choice because I don't know what these BIOS are.

Is it just me; or are things (finding out information) getting harder to get answers?

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