Finding any Linux to run on my laptop?

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Re: Finding any Linux to run on my laptop?

Post by i6shot »

Debian doesn't want to boot from the memory stick either. So neither Lubuntu or Debian boot from the stick. I prepared both by using UNetbootin, and both boot to my desktop PC fine. As a side note, Debian xfce does boot in Live mode - and very fast it is too. I may hang onto that just to use on my desktop PC if I need an emergency restore distro.

Do you think it's UNetbootin's handling of the ISO that is to blame? Seems odd that both boot on my desktop but not on the laptop. UNetbootin presents a boot menu but upon selecting an option, goes no further.

I am currently downloading Puppy lupu-528, linuxmint-12-lxde and xubuntu-12.04 in the vague hope one of them will work. But if they all use the same incompatible kernel, would any of them work on the laptop?

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Re: Finding any Linux to run on my laptop?

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I tried that, but I'm having trouble with dd.

Here is the command I am using. I have unmounted the blank memory stick at sdc. The source iso is on another memory stick:

/home/steve# dd if="/media/C08D-ABF3/My stuff/debian-live-6.0.5-i386-xfce-desktop.iso" of=/dev/sdc

It takes absolutely ages. The target memory stick is flashing, but after about 15 minutes I give up and the console displays:

3161510+0 records in
3161510+0 records out
1618693120 bytes (1.6 GB) copied, 816.381 s, 2.0 MB/s

I check the target memory stick - nothing there, still empty.

Am I using dd wrongly?

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